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Different Types of Packaging Machines for Sale
Guonuo has many years of experience in producing folding box machines, balers, box sealing machines, heat shrinkable film packaging machines, unpacking machines, automatic winding machines, automatic labeling machines, etc. Having cooperated with many enterprises, Guonuo possesses rich technical experience and a good after-sales service platform for our packaging machines.
L Sealer Machine
When engaging in the flexible packaging of finished products, Guonuo deeply realizes that the key for the packaged products to stand out from the competitors is the surface effect after flexible packaging. Our L sealing machine series is simple in structure and easy to operate, it is very suitable for retail product packaging and provides the best surface packaging effect.
Side Sealer
The design of the side sealing machine series is based on the function of the L sealing machine. It develops a sealing machine that is not limited by the length of finished products. It uses various plastic shrinkable films including POF and PE films. It has a wide range of applications and is not limited by the size range of products. By adjusting parameters. it is suitable for the scene of frequent changes in product specifications.
Sleeve Sealing Machine
As a pro packing machine company, Guonuo also provides a series of sleeve packaging machines from manual to automatic, which can adjust the feeding mode of finished products according to the size of the factory, so as to adapt to the layout of the factory and the overall packaging of all finished products.
Shrink Tunnel Machine
Guonuo pack provides a series of heat shrinkable film shrinkable equipment to meet the heat shrinkable packaging requirements of manufacturers with different cost performance, different speeds and different films . As long as you put forward your film, product and surface requirements after shrinkage, we can provide ideal shrinkage tunnel equipment to meet you.
Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
The vertical automatic packaging machine ( FFS ) uses film to package the product as a whole, uses the forming die to form the roll film pulled by the motor, and then seals the product in the film through transverse and longitudinal sealing knives. Its main application fields include liquid, paste, powder products, granular products, dough products, and other products that are difficult to deal with this type of machine is widely used in daily chemical, food, beverage, medicine, cosmetics, and other fields.
Carton Sealing Machine
The sealing machine adopts instant adhesive tape to seal the carton, which is economical, fast, easy to adjust, and the sealing is flat, standard, and beautiful.
Packaging Machinery Solutions
GUONUOPACK designs, builds and serves a wide range of packaging equipment from shrink wrappers, palletizers, case packers, case erectors, and stretch wrappers to complete integrated packaging solutions — for a wide variety of applications. Whether you are designing a new secondary packaging operation from scratch, consolidating operations from multiple locations under one roof, seeking to improve an existing automated process, or automating a manual process, GUONUOPACK, a mature packaging machine manufacturer in china, can assist throughout the entire project, from design to installation to service.
Responsibility , Quality , Integrity , Committed to the Pioneer of the automated Packaging Industry

The products are positioned in the packaging machinery automation system engineering and single machine.

For more than 10 years, we have focused on the deep cultivation and innovation of the packaging industry, through good quality, preferential price, and perfect service. As one of the professional packaging equipment manufacturers in China, Guonuo strives to create a win-win situation for our customers.

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