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L Sealer Machine

Guonuo's L-type sealer machine is a high-speed L-sealing solution for wrapping using Bopp film. The L-type sealer machine is often linked with Guonuo's heat shrink tunnel machine to fulfill the heat shrink process.

Guonuo's L-bar sealer machine is ideal for high speed, providing excellent performance and high cost-efficiency. The capacity of this L-type seal packing machine can be up to 20 packs per minute. The operator is only served to monitor, load packets, and replace the film.

L Sealer for Sale

Automatic L Sealer Machine

As an entry-level economical sealing and cutting machine, the automatic L-shaped sealing, cutting and shrinking packaging machine has a simple and reliable structure, and has all the functions of automatic film feeding, punching, sealing and cutting like other L-bar sealer machines.

Vertical Sealing Machine

Automatic vertical l sealer machine is upgraded from the l sealer machine, which is suitable for packaging the taller or thinner products. The sealing line is firm and in the middle of one side with good appearance.
L Sealer Machine Video
L Sealer Machine Video

L Sealer Machine Video

Guonuo's L-type sealer machine has our specific characteristics as below.

- Fully automatic

- L-sealing

- Big Man-machine interface

- Adopts import PLC

- Preset programs

- Digital display

- Pre-settable product counters

- Alarm display

- Waste film recycling

- Stable conveyor

- Easy to replace film


L Sealer Machine Working Principle

  • The L-sealer for sale only uses center-folded film which can be made by bopp, pe, or other heat shrink film. 

  • As the film is pulled off the roll, a flat and horizontal guide/loading tray separates the two layers. One layer is under the tray and the other is held above the tray. This allows the operator to place the product on the tray between the two layers of film in the corner formed by the fold and the front edge of the film. 

  • The film, containing the product, is pulled forward into the sealing area. A sealing bar in the form of an “L” is pulled down. After the conveyor feeds the product into the film, the L-bar sealer machine can measure the length of the product and perform sealing automatically by the sensor and the sealing jaws. 

  • Once sealed, the closed pouch is then moved into a heat shrink tunnel by the soft conveyor automatically, shrinking and tightening the film. The left lateral film which is trimmed off during the packaging process is automatically rolled up on a waste film recycle reel after the sealing and cutting.

Customized Packaging Line with L Bar Sealing Machine

Customized Packaging Line with L Sealer Machine

GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
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