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Shrink Tunnel Machine

The hot wind direction inside the shrink wrap tunnel can be adjusted and the contraction effect is good. Imported heat insulation cord fabric greatly reduces heat loss. Shrinkage temperature, conveying speed and air volume inside the shrink wrap tunnel can also be adjusted. As one of the professional shrink tunnel machine manufacturers in China, Guonuo can provide you with quality heat shrink wrap tunnel machines for sale! Feel to contact at any time.

Shrink Wrap Machine For Sale

Automatic Shrink Tunnel

Dual-frequency converter control system, high-efficiency shrinkage furnace, heat shrink packaging machine with high temperature resistant visual window, hot air direction, and air volume can be adjusted independently.

Economical Shrink Tunnel Packaging Machine

A fully automatic economical shrink tunnel machine is often used with L-type sealing and cutting machine which is stable performance and high efficiency with a simple structure.
Shrink Tunnel Machine Video
Shrink Tunnel Machine Video

Shrink Tunnel Machine Video

The heat-shrinkable tunnel machine uses the heat-shrinkable film to make the irregular arrangement of atoms change dramatically under the condition of high-temperature heating. Under the irradiation of infrared radiation, the plastic molecules move again and the arrangement mode changes, so as to make the atoms rearrange through the heating method and greatly reduce the area of the product, so as to more closely fit the finished products to be packaged and processed by the manufacturer, It can quickly wrap a layer of hot film for the product.


Shrink Tunnel Machine Working Principle

  • First, turn on the power switch and set the appropriate temperature in the furnace according to the characteristics of the heat-shrinkable film to be.

  • The heat-shrinkable furnace is heated rapidly under the control of PLC, so as to reach the temperature we set.

  • Transport the product wrapped with film to the furnace, so as to automatically shrink the film.

  • Through the visual window, you can see the specific shrinkage of the outer shrink film of the product.

  • When outputting finished products, the temperature, wind direction, and conveyor belt length of the heat shrinker can be adjusted according to the shrinkage effect, so as to achieve the best shrinkage effect.

GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
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