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Side Sealer

Guonuo's side sealer is ideal for medium speed, providing excellent performance and high cost-efficiency with the function of film feeding punching, coating, sealing, and cutting waste film recycling. The capacity of our side sealing machine can be up to 30 packs per minute. The operator is only served to monitor, load packets, and replace the film.

Side Sealing Machine Specification

Machine ModelGNL-5570C( Side Sealing Machine)
Packaging SizeL(no limit) W+H<620mm  H<170mm
Packaging Speed0-40 bpm
Width of Surveyor555mm
Height of Table 820mm±50mm
Sealing knife Size600
Power Supply3Ф 380Vac / 1Ф 220Vac   50Hz   10A   
Air Pressure6kg/cm3
Net Weight300kg
Machine DimensionL1850 X W1100 X H1536mm

Side Sealer Application

The side sealing machine is also known as the full-automatic side sealing and cutting machine, which is often matched with the heat shrinkable furnace. As a fully automatic and unmanned film sealing and cutting packaging machine, it is a heat shrinkable packaging equipment often used by people at present, and is not affected by the length of the sealed and cut products, and has a wide range of applications. Side sealer is widely used in doors and windows, hardware products, beverages and food, tea, local specialties, drinks, candy, biscuits, and even medicine. The photoelectric switch is used to automatically detect the position of the product, which is controlled in cooperation with PLC to realize the automatic unmanned packaging process and improve the packaging efficiency. Side sealing cutting machine can be applied to products of different types and irregular shapes.

Side Sealers Types

High Speed Automatic Side Sealing Machine

High-Speed Automatic Side Sealing machine adopts advanced edge sealing and reciprocating horizontal sealing technology, with continuous sealing function. The servo control system can achieve a perfect heat shrinkable packaging effect on the premise of high efficiency.

Economical PE Film Vertical Side Sealing Machine

GNL-5545C side sealing cutting machine is a full-automatic and unmanned edge sealing and cutting machine, which is widely used in the flow operation of mass production and packaging.
Side Sealer Video
Side Sealer Video

Side Sealer Video

The scene in the video is the film outer packaging for the small fan of the customer's electric cabinet, which can reduce the scratch and wear during transportation, save labor and improve efficiency. The side sealer machine produced by our company is widely used in the film outer packaging of electrical appliances, machinery, hardware, retail, and other accessories.


Side Sealer Working Principle

  • The control system of our side sealing and cutting machine is composed of PLC, touch screen, frequency converter, etc.

  • The side sealing knife adopts an imported Teflon anti-sticking and anti-loss design, and the sealing is firm without cracking and sticking.

  • Automatic film feeding, automatic product feeding, sealing, and cutting.

  • The longitudinal side sealer knife can ensure continuous sealing and cutting, and the length of the product is not limited.

  • Adopt an independent motor to control automatic waste recycling.

  • Suitable for side sealing machine and cutting POF and other shrinkable films.

Side Sealer Characteristics

  • To make the sealing and cutting faster and achieve a good appearance effect, we, a professional packing machine manufacturer, apply the servo motor to control the motion of the knife.

  • The transverse side sealing cutting machines are controlled independently. We can adjust the height of the blade according to the packaging product.

  • A side sealer is used to achieve the unlimited length of product sealing and cutting.

  • big screen Man-machine interface is used to set all the parameters of temperature, speed, and time arbitrarily.

  • Imported PLC programmable controller is to make the edge sealing machine more stable and easy to operate.

  • Achieve accurate feeding length freely by setting the parameters of the time.

  • The side sealing and cutting machine knife is made of special materials with high strength and is not easy to deform. The knife coating is used of American DuPont Teflon coating, anti-adhesion, high-temperature resistance, and stable and firm sealing.

  • Using the man/auto mode, you can replace the shrink film of the Bopp side sealing machine conveniently.

Side Sealer Design

side sealing machine
side sealer
side sealing cutting machine
side sealing and cutting machine
GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
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