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Automatic Shrink Tunnel

GNS-5030LW high-speed fully automatic shrink tunnel machine is a high-speed constant temperature shrinkage packaging machine independently developed and designed by Guonuo. This automatic heat shrink packaging machine series has the advantages of reasonable price, high efficiency, high-cost performance, simple and convenient operation. Stainless steel roller structure and internal heating belt are adopted. The two-way thermal circulating air makes the heat uniform and double frequency conversion adjusts the blowing and conveying speed to achieve the best constant temperature effect. Moreover, this automatic shrink tunnel machine series is also featured with the quality of no vibration during operation, stable and reliable operation.


Automatic Heat Shrink Wrap Machine Technical Parameters

Machine ModelGNS-5030LW (Shrink Tunnel )
Packaging SizeL1200mm × W500mm × H300mm
Packaging Speed20-40 bpm(according to the product size)
Suitable FilmPOF Film
Power Supply3Ф 380Vac    50/60Hz
Height of Table820mm±50mm
Net Weight350kg
DimensionL1800 X W990 X H1300mm

Fully Automatic Shrink Tunnel Machine Electrical Configuration

1Draught Fan (1.5KW)1TIANYANG
2Conveying motor (400W)1TAIBANG
3Inverter (1.5KW)1DELTA
4Inverter (0.4kw)1DELTA
5Circuit Breaker (3PC 63)1SCHNEIDER
6Circuit Breaker (1PC 10)1SCHNEIDER
7Circuit Breaker (1PC 6)1SCHNEIDER
8Temperature Controller1OMRON
9Ac Contactor1SCHNEIDER
10Intermediate Relay1OMRON
11Air Switch1TIANDE
12Solid-state Relay1VHHD
13Circuit Breaker (1PC2)1ZHENGTAI

Automatic Shrink Tunnel Machine Features


Our automatic heat shrink machine adopts roller conveyor belt, and the drum of this heat shrink tunnel machine is wrapped with high-temperature resistant silicone hose, each of which can rotate freely;


High temperature resistant special material window. The whole packaging process can be seen through the window, which is convenient for the operator to quickly adjust the parameters of the automatic heat shrink packaging machine;


For products with high shrink packaging requirements, turn the handle to control the size and direction of the wind;


Imported double frequency conversion speed regulation, which can adjust the speed of blowing and conveying to achieve the best effect;


Brand accessories, stable operation, saving manpower, reliable quality and improving the service life of the automatic heat shrink wrap machine;


This auto packing machine applies to use POF/PET shrink Film.

GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
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