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Sleeve Sealing Machine

Our sleeve sealer machine adopts international advanced control components, which can be manually pushed or automatically fed according to the choice, film feeding, sealing, and cutting, and the continuous packaging action makes the efficiency very high. Having stable performance, a low failure rate and long service life, our shrink sleeve sealing machine series is applicable to the combined packaging of multiple products with or without bottom support, such as the bottom support packaging of canned beer, the outer packaging of mineral water without bottom support, or a single large carton.

Types of Sleeve Sealing & Wrapping Machines

Semi Automatic Shrink Sleeve Sealer

The semi-automatic sleeve sealing shrinkage machine is designed for a single object, multiple objects, or underpinned products.

Automatic Sleeve Sealer

The automatic sleeve sealer machine adopts stainless steel heating tube, which is stable and durable.
Sleeve Sealing Machine Video
Sleeve Sealing Machine Video

Sleeve Sealing Machine Video

Guonuo's fully automated sleeve packaging machine(GNL-6030Z + GNS-60400) is suitable for wrapping speeds of up to 15 products per minute. This auto packing machine uses a driven belt conveyor to automatically transfer the product through the web of film. Once the product has been sleeve wrapped, another automatic conveyor takes the product into the heat sleeve shrink tunnel where the polyethylene film is shrunk around the product to form the transit wrap.


Sleeve Sealing Machine Working Principle

  • Generally, the single-layer double roll PE roll film is sealed and cut by the cutter of the sealing and cutting machine to form a cylindrical shape, that is, cuff shape, and wrap the product.

  • Then enter the heat shrinkable packaging machine horizontally and heat it to shrink the PE shrinkable film and wrap the product tightly, and the left and right ends are in the shape of circular cuffs, which is convenient for handling.

  • The heat-shrinkable furnace box adopts a high-power turbine fan to make the circulating air volume larger and more sufficient.

  • The cooling function of the super blower outside the furnace box makes the packaging molding faster and more stable.

GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
GUONUOPACK provides efficient packing & sealing machines.
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