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Advantages and Characteristics of Liquid Packaging Machine

The liquid packaging machine is now an automated device that can automatically pack products. Compared with manual packaging, automatic packaging machines are more efficient and less expensive.

Ⅰ. Advantages of liquid packaging machine

1. Automated production. It is a kind of packaging equipment with a high degree of automation. The entire working process is automatically controlled by the program. The entire operation link can be set on the control panel. Each operation link can be adjusted on the control panel. Before mass production, you only need to set the parameters required for each link on the control panel and start the switch with one key. The whole equipment of liquid packaging machine can be automatically produced according to the set procedure. Such an assembly line production is easy to implement on one device.

2. Improve work efficiency. Achieving automated production means increased work efficiency. However, there is another labor cost issue. If the work efficiency is improved in the mass production process, but the labor cost cannot be solved, it will also increase the company. The production cost of the liquid packaging machine does not require manual cooperation in every operation link in the production process, but there is an exception in the operation link, which is the material filling link, because this link is relatively special, we all know that there are many types of food, and they have different characteristics. There are grains, bones, lumps, strips, etc., and the filling area of the material is matched according to the different properties of these foods. Different products have different feeding methods, and only need to put the product into the feeding cup manually. Other operations require manual assistance. This not only saves labor costs for the company, but also improves work efficiency.

Ⅱ. The characteristics of liquid packaging machine

1. Wide range of uses and easy to use. In our daily life, we can often see liquid packaging machines. In the market, it occupies a pivotal position in the food-related industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical production and some light industries. He can be used in almost all life scenarios. Another aspect of its widespread use is simplicity of operation. Traditional packaging includes a series of steps such as pulling the bag, placing the item in the bag, bar code, weighing, and sealing. This machine can complete all steps independently, reducing labor input.

2. Efficient and hygienic. Relevant data shows that the output of common liquid packaging machines in the world can reach 120-240 pieces per minute, which is many times faster than manual packaging decades ago. At the same time, the packaging work is all done by the machine without manual operation, which fundamentally avoids the pollution of the operator and is more clean and hygienic.