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The Benefits of Using a Shrink Packing Machine

You've probably heard all the benefits of shrink packing machines. But what exactly is a shrink packing machine and can you use it?

1. About the shrink packing machine

A shrink packing machine is a plastic film that you can wrap around anything, no matter its size or shape. Heat is then applied to the surface, causing the plastic to shrink. As it shrinks, it conforms to the shape of your object and seals itself.

There are several ways to shrink packing machines. Smaller items can be placed in shrink packing machine bags and heated with a hand-held heat gun. Other items can be placed in the length-adjustable shrink wrapping machine tunnel, which can be wrapped, heated and sealed at the same time.

2. The advantages of shrink packing machine

Shrink packing machines have many applications in various industries. Not only is it easy to use, but it also offers a wide range of benefits.

Protection: When the shrink wrapping machine applies heat to the packaged item, it creates a very tight seal. This plastic seal then fully protects the contents of the shrink wrapping machine. Once sealed, these items are no longer susceptible to damage from dust, dirt or moisture. Some types of shrink wrapping machines even come with UV protection to protect your products from the sun's harmful rays.

Durability: The shrink wrap is made of very strong and durable plastic, difficult to tear or puncture. Unlike other materials, shrink wrap does not become brittle or weak in sunlight or extreme cold. Once the shrink wrap is heated and sealed to your object, it won't loosen or sag.

Tampering: Since the shrink-wrapper seals both and retains its shape after application, any tampering is immediately noticeable. For this reason, many pharmaceutical companies as well as food manufacturers are now shrink wrapping their products. Some types of shrink wrap used by banks and government agencies change color when the plastic is stretched to indicate that the sealed item has been touched.

Affordable: Shrink wrap is a very affordable option compared to other packaging materials. It's also designed to minimise space; it keeps bundles close together without the need for additional bulky materials such as boxes. Saving space is saving money, both in storage and shipping.