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The Difference Between Powder Packing Machine and Granular Packing Machine

There are many types of packing machines, and different production enterprises will choose suitable packing machines according to their own needs. Powder packing machine and granular packing machine are very common packing machines and have similarities. So how do we distinguish between powder packing machine and granular packing machine?

Understanding the powder packing machine

The powder packing machine is an automatic bag packing machine suitable for powder products. The general machine can automatically complete measuring, filling, sealing and cutting. Most of them use volumetric method for measurement, and some models are also equipped with reliable photoelectric detection systems. When using packing materials with photoelectric marks, the complete trademark pattern can be obtained.

Understanding the difference between powder packing machine and granular packing machine

  • The powder packing machine uses high-precision weighing sensors and weighing modules; the interface operation is simple and intuitive;

  • The new independent packing weight input weighing display window adopts a high-brightness LED display screen; the menu operation is simple, intuitive and friendly; automatic bagging and automatic bag opening;

  • The independent weighing system has high weighing accuracy and fast speed, and the weighing sensor adopts Toledo weighing sensor;

  • The asynchronous motor controls the screw feeding, the frequency converter adjusts the speed, and the dual screw measurement and unloading speed is controlled with high accuracy;

  • Most components of the machine are made of stainless steel, suitable for GMP certification, food hygiene certification, etc., and are used for packing of anticorrosive chemical products. The main machine can flexibly configure automatic feeding system and automatic conveyor belt.

The feeding mechanism of the powder packing machine controls the feeding by the screw driven by the stepping motor. The driving servo can be controlled through the screen program. The feeding amount is controlled by the pulse number in the screen control module. The more the motor turns, the greater the filling weight of the powder, and vice versa.

Different cutting methods

Powder packing machine usually uses screws to push materials, which can be measured by fixed volume or weighing. There are many methods for cutting granular materials, such as measuring cups, vibrators, gravity flow and digital motors.

Different structures

Powder packing machine is usually vertical or horizontal; granular packing machines usually use vertical structure.

Different feeding mechanisms 

The feeding mechanism of the granular packing machine controls feeding by the volumetric measuring cup, which can be directly adjusted by adjusting the expansion and contraction of the measuring cup, that is, mechanical adjustment. Compared with granular packing machine, powder packing machine has its own characteristics and advantages, and each method, structure, and feeding mechanism is different.