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The Value and Problem-Solving Methods of Powder Packing Machine

一、Value of Powder Packaging Machine

Powder packaging machines are suitable for automatic quantitative packaging of granular and block products with good fluidity and low requirements for measuring accuracy, such as salt, sugar powder, bean powder, MSG powder, milk powder and other powder products. We can use microcomputer control to directly complete a series of actions such as bag making, material measurement, filling, sealing, inflating, coding, feeding, limiting shutdown, and package cutting all automatically completed packaging.

Nowadays, many industries cannot do without powder packaging machines. With the continuous development and changes in technology, the use of packaging machines will become better and better, making more contributions to the enterprise and exerting greater value. As a commodity packaging machinery developed for granular objects, the birth of powder packaging machines has reduced many procedures in work, simplified, automated, and intelligentized tedious packaging, and also reduced a lot of production costs, winning more and more value for enterprises.

二、How to deal with powder jamming in powder packaging machine?

Powder packaging machines are specialized in packaging various powder products in the production and packaging industry. They can ensure good sealing of the packaged products and high packaging efficiency. However, during use, the machine may malfunction due to improper operation and other reasons. So, how to deal with powder jamming in the powder packaging machine? If there are many problems caused by improper adjustment of the powder packaging machine or operator error, such as powder jamming, causing the seal to be not tight or causing waste and other problems, then how should we deal with powder jamming?

1. The feeding device of the spiral powder head for discharging material is not tightly closed, and there is a material leakage phenomenon, which causes the material to fall during the transverse sealing and sealing process. Solution: Add a flip board (flip cover) at the bottom of the screw.

2. The time of transverse sealing and sealing is not adjusted with the time of material falling. Solution: Adjust the transverse sealing and sealing time of the packaging machine.

3. The bag making machine generates static electricity and sucks the powder material. Solution: Eliminate the static of the packaging material or increase the ion wind device.

If the user's powder product is relatively large in number and the powder is close to small-grain, if this kind of situation chooses a small direct screw and a material cup, it will cause the powder material to be unsmooth or even impossible to discharge. This situation is rare. At this time, we only need to replace a suitable screw measuring device to solve the problem.