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What Are the Product Features of the Granule Packaging Machine?

In the current market, white sugar has always had its own market and demand. In order to better meet the needs of consumers, white sugar has also begun to launch its own packaging, which is naturally inseparable from the help of automatic granular packing machines. We know that white granulated sugar is a kind of sugar, and its particles are crystalline, white in color, and commonly used in cooking with pure sweetness. It can be said that the white sugar packaging that the granular packing machine brings to you in the market is much loved by consumers, thus bringing you a unique market and new technologies.

The automatic granular packing machine is mainly composed of an automatic packaging machine, a combination scale, a feeder and a working platform, suitable for automatic metering and packaging of large particles and irregular blocks such as candy, nuts, raisins, peanuts, melon seeds, nuts, potato chips, chocolate, biscuits, etc.

1. The main functions of the automatic granular packing machine:

Reduce production costs and management costs: a packaging line reduces 4-10 workers, and the input cost can be recovered within 1-2 years;

Improve product grades: Products meet unified standards in terms of appearance and packaging quality.

Reduce the defective rate, the finished product rate reaches more than 99.5%, and avoid the waste of manual packaging;

Improve hygiene standards: There is no direct contact with people during the packaging process to avoid human contamination.

The granular packing machine adopts a multi-head combination scale for accurate measurement, which can avoid excessive excess of raw materials, save raw materials and save costs.

2. The main performance and characteristics of automatic granular packing machine:

Wide range of packaging: suitable for granules and blocks of various shapes, states and properties;

Convenient operation: PLC control and man-machine interface operating system make the operation intuitive and convenient;

The machine clamp adopts one-time automatic adjustment with high precision, which can realize frequent interactive production of different bags, and greatly shorten the adjustment time;

Suitable for different types of packaging bags;

Perfect prevention system to ensure the finished product rate without wasting bags and materials;

The packaging part of the granular packing machine is made of stainless steel to ensure the hygiene of the material;

High degree of automation: unmanned in the whole process of weighing and packaging, if there is a fault, it will automatically alarm;

Some imported engineering plastics are used, no need to refuel, reducing pollution to materials;

The granular packing machine adopts oil-free vacuum pump to avoid polluting the production environment.

With the needs and needs of consumers, white sugar has also begun to change its packaging. In order to meet different consumer groups, it has begun to introduce small packaging that suits itself, so as to bring unique packaging in the production of granular packing machines. In order to meet the needs of the better market, the automatic particle packaging machine is also constantly changing the production technology and process, bringing better packaging for products with high cost performance, and constantly innovating with technology to better meet the needs of the commodity market and enterprises, using its own unique packaging to win the attention of consumers in the market.