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What is the working principle of the tape carton sealing machine

The case sealer belongs to a kind of packaging machine. The      includes the unpacking and back sealing machine, the automatic packing machine, the accessory placing machine, the automatic case sealer, the automatic packing machine, the weight inspection and sorting machine, the automatic labeling machine, the automatic inkjet printer, the visual inspection machine, the data association ERP system, the MES system link, the automatic stacking machine, the sword piercing pallet packaging, the stretch film winding packaging machine, and the output to the three-dimensional warehouse. Other packaging machine series include 3D packaging, heat shrinkable packaging machine, vacuum packaging machine, bagging packaging machine, cuff packaging machine, horizontal bagging machine, vertical bagging machine, automatic cartoning machine, color box sealing machine, automatic folding box forming machine, bagging heat shrinkable machine, etc. Our company GUONUO, one of the professional carton sealing machine suppliers, provides stand-alone equipment and high-quality machine consumables required for packaging at each work position, and specializes in the planning, design and manufacturing of the whole factory's protocol automated packaging line transformation, 3D scheme drawing and animation demonstration, providing maintenance services for the whole plant packaging equipment.

How does the tape auto carton sealing machine seal the carton automatically? Tape sealing machine refers to the use of instant tape to seal the carton, which is economical, fast and easy to adjust. It can complete the upper and lower sealing actions at one time, or it can use printing tape to improve the product image. It is the first choice for automated packaging enterprises. The key component of the sealing machine is the driving motor. The greater the motor power, the better. The tape sealing machine is widely used in home appliances, electronics, food, dairy, oil, cosmetics, beverages, electrical appliances and other manufacturing industries. The sealing machine is one of the components of the automatic packing production line. Its main function is to replace manual automatic sealing of packed products. Main components: height adjusting mechanism, pressing and finishing mechanism, box conveying mechanism, width adjusting mechanism, frame, hot melt adhesive system, etc.

working principle:

After the product is boxed, it is sent to the case sealer via the conveyor and delivered to the box conveying mechanism. The two sides of the carton are clamped by the box clamping belt and move forward. The front short tongue bends automatically through the tongue holder. When the carton enters the sealing machine idler, a detection signal (photoelectric signal) informs the tongue cylinder to act, and the tongue holder bends it. The carton continues to move forward, and the left and right tongues automatically bend to the middle through the guide rod. At the same time, the pressing mechanism belt synchronously presses the left and right tongues of the carton, so that the carton, tongue and glue together to complete the sealing and shaping action, that is, the last process of product packaging - automatic sealing.

The above GUONUO small editor briefly introduced the working principle of the tape sealing machine. The tape sealing machine, which is also known as the sealing machine equipment, mainly uses transparent tape to seal the box, saving labor costs, and greatly improving the working efficiency. Using the tape sealing machine not only saves production costs, but also improves the working efficiency. Guangzhou Guonuo is a professional manufacturer of tape sealing machines. If you are interested in our products, You can contact Guangzhou Guonuo WhatsApp: 008613717481755. We look forward to your call!