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Instructions for Use of Side Sealing and Cutting Machine

GUONUOPACK is a company specialized in the R&D, production, and sales of packaging machinery. Our main projects include heat shrink film/transparent film packaging lines, multifunctional packaging machines, comprehensive planning and manufacturing of automated packaging assembly lines, and standalone equipment required for all packaging stages. Today, we will introduce in detail the usage instructions of the Side Sealing and Cutting Machine to help users better understand and operate this device.

Installation and Preparation of the Side Sealing and Cutting Machine

Equipment Placement

Firstly, place the Side Sealing and Cutting Machine on a flat surface. Before starting, please check if any parts of the machine have become loose during transportation. If any dislocation or malfunction is found, adjust it immediately. Although the machine has been debugged before leaving the factory, to ensure its optimal working condition, full efficiency, and extended service life, the machine must be operated and maintained by dedicated personnel. The operator must be familiar with these instructions to avoid equipment damage due to improper operation.

Safety Grounding

To ensure personal safety, the Side Sealing and Cutting Machine must be grounded before use, ensuring good grounding. Proper grounding can prevent static accumulation and electric leakage risks, ensuring safety during operation.

Operating Steps of the Side Sealing and Cutting Machine

Power and Time Setting

Firstly, turn on the power switch of the Side Sealing and Cutting Machine. Adjust the sealing time according to the thickness of the shrink film material used (generally controlled around 2 seconds). The sealing time should be sufficient to cut the film and ensure a good sealing effect. An excessively long sealing time may damage the heating wire slot and high-temperature paint cloth, while a short time might affect the sealing effect or result in incomplete film cutting.

Transportation Time Adjustment

Adjust the transportation time according to the size and packaging requirements of the items. Ensure that the items can smoothly pass through the sealing and shrinking process to improve packaging efficiency.

Film Shaft Installation and Adjustment

The operator needs to pass the film shaft through the center of the film roll and move the roller positioning block to both ends of the film roll to clamp and fix it on the film shaft. Then, place the film shaft on the roller seat (during placement, ensure that the film opening is aligned with the operator). After passing the film through the perforator on the roller seat, separate the film so that one layer is below the sliding workbench and the other layer is above it.

Item Packaging Preparation

Place the items to be packaged into the shrink film, and move the film and items to the right side of the conveyor table along the vertical sealed edge, leaving a shrink margin of 10mm to 30mm. Adjust the conveyor table height according to the height of the items by adjusting the lifting handwheel so that the center line of the item height is level with the sealing blade.

Sealing and Shrinking

The operator presses down the sealing upper frame by hand. When the upper frame is in position, the electromagnet immediately energizes and attracts, and the Side Sealing and Cutting Machine starts sealing. At this point, the operator can release and does not need to press down the upper frame continuously. After the sealing time ends, the electromagnet de-energizes, the upper frame rebounds automatically, and the conveyor belt starts working, sending items into the shrinking system.

Precautions for Using the Side Sealing and Cutting Machine

During operation, do not touch the sealing blade directly with your hands to avoid burns. This is particularly important as the sealing blade reaches high temperatures during operation.

To ensure the long-term efficient operation of the Side Sealing and Cutting Machine, regular maintenance and upkeep are necessary. Clean each part, check the electrical system contacts, and replace damaged components promptly to keep the machine in good condition.

In summary, GUONUOPACK's  Side Sealing and Cutting Machine offers a reliable solution for various packaging needs with its efficient and precise sealing performance. By following the correct installation, operation, and maintenance procedures, users can fully leverage the advantages of this device to improve production efficiency and packaging quality.