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Packaging Applications of Form Fill Machine

A fill seal packaging machine is a packing machine that forms, fills, and seals the packing on the same machine. The main types are vertical form fill and seal packaging machines (VFFS) and horizontal form fill seal machines (HFFS) -- the term is commonly used to cover horizontal versions of mobile packers, sachets, and blister packers, quadrilateral sealers, and thermoforming filling and sealing machines. In a fill seal packaging machine, the packaging material is fed from a roll, formed, and sealed. The bag or package is then filled, sealed, and separated.

Numerous fill seal packaging machine systems are very complex and they have computer interfaces and control networks. High speed and versatility are the main advantages of vertical form fill seal machine and horizontal form fill seal machine for a lot of industries. For example, snack producers need systems with the versatility to provide quick changeovers between many different packaging formats to meet the growing demand for single-serving packaging. Vertical form fills and seals packaging machines are capable of creating virtually any size or shape. Production ranges from standard pillow packs to bags that are sealed on all four sides. Let's take a closer look at the types of packaging produced by the fill seal packaging machine through the following information:

(1) Bag and Pillow Packaging: The fill seal packaging machines used are flow packers, down-roll flow packers, vertical form-fill-seal, stick-pack, and mandrel form-fill-seal.

(2) Bottles and vials: blow-fill-seal machine.

(3) Carton: carton box sealing machine

(4) Cans, trays, and blister: cold form fill seal, thermoform fill seal or blister fill seal machine.

(5) Pouches and envelopes: edge seal, horizontal form fill seal, vertical pouch form fill seal machine.

(6) Sacks and bags: tubular sack fill seal packaging machine or Vertical form fill and seal packaging machines