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What Are the Principles and Characteristics of Side Sealer Machines

Side Sealer Machine is currently one of the more advanced packaging methods internationally. It mainly uses shrink film wrapped around the product or package and then heats it so that the packaging material shrinks and tightens around the product or package, fully displaying the appearance of the items, enhancing their market attractiveness, and increasing the aesthetic and perceived value.

The Working Principle of Side Sealer Machine

Side Sealer Machine is an automated packaging device. It transports products into position using front and rear conveyor belts, senses the product's position with photoelectric switches, and combines pneumatic components and mechanical devices controlled by PLC and peripheral circuits. Its actuators are mainly cylinders controlled by two-way five-port solenoid valves for advancing and retracting.

Automatic Sensing and Control

In the Side Sealer Machine, products enter the work area through a conveyor belt. When the photoelectric switch senses the products arriving, it sends a signal back to the PLC. The PLC, through its programming, issues control commands to the solenoid valves of the corresponding cylinders, enabling the cylinders to complete the sealing and cutting tasks as preset.

Cylinder Operation and Feedback

The working position of the cylinder is detected by magnetic switches and proximity switches, providing feedback to the PLC to ensure the accuracy and reliability of each operation step. Through automatic control, the Side Sealer Machine can use shrink film to seal and package the product's exterior, usually using POF shrink film.

Heating and Shrinkage

After sealing and cutting, the product enters the shrink packaging stage. The heating tube heats the product, and a high-power fan blows hot air evenly from the heating chamber. Utilizing the properties of heat shrink film under constant temperature heating, the plastic molecules rearrange and tightly wrap around the product surface, achieving a perfect packaging effect.

Main Features of Side Sealer Machine

High Efficiency and Automation

The design optimization of GUONUOPACK's Side Sealer Machine makes it suitable for packaging regular and irregular items. Its automation not only improves packaging efficiency but also reduces labor costs. It automatically detects products using photoelectric sensors, achieving unmanned packaging with high work efficiency.

Stability and Reliability

Side Sealer Machine adopts imported electrical components to ensure the machine's operational stability at high speeds. It is equipped with imported detection photoelectrics, with one set each for horizontal and vertical detection, facilitating easy switching and selection. Even for small and thin packages, it can easily complete the sealing and packaging operation.

Flexibility and Applicability

The design of this device makes it very easy to adjust when changing the size of the packaging items, without needing to change molds or bag-making devices. Products of different sizes can also be combined for packaging, suitable for industries engaged in mass production such as printing, photo frames, electronics, food, medicine, daily chemicals, and cosmetics.

Environmental and Energy-saving

Side Sealer Machine uses environmentally friendly materials and has relatively low energy consumption during the heat shrink packaging process, featuring good environmental and energy-saving properties. Its optimized air duct design and precisely calculated fan power ensure sufficient circulating air volume while saving energy.

Performance and Economy

This equipment completes sealing and heat shrink packaging continuously and automatically, with stable performance, significantly saving labor. It offers excellent cost-performance, suitable for sealing and heat shrink packaging of POF, PE, and other heat shrink films, featuring strong adaptability, economic durability.

High Packaging Capacity

Side Sealer Machine uses edge-sealing designs with no limit on the packaging length. Its broad packaging range can handle products of various sizes and shapes, making it widely used in various industries to meet the needs of different customers.

GUONUOPACK's Side Sealer Machine provides reliable solutions for various packaging requirements with its efficient, precise sealing and heat shrink performance. With correct installation, operation, and maintenance, users can fully leverage the advantages of this equipment to boost production efficiency and packaging quality. In the future, as technology continues to progress, Side Sealer Machine will continue to develop, becoming an important tool for enhancing packaging efficiency and production competitiveness.